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About Us

Save money and space. Reduce consumption and waste. Borrow things for your home, garden & adventures!

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What is a Library of Things?

We all have tools and items in our sheds and garages that we've bought and only used once or twice and then left somewhere in a corner "just in case".  There are a number of reasons why this is the case...

Perhaps it was for a one-off project or trying a new hobby. Maybe you were gifted an upgraded model which left the older model redundant. Perhaps it's only used at certain times of the year such as for summer events or for spring cleaning.

No matter the reason, wouldn't it be nice not to have buy these items and instead borrow them, as and when you need them? 

A Library of Things is a community "shed" where people can borrow items that are used on an infrequent basis e.g. carpet cleaners, DIY tools, camping equipment and pressure washers, for a small fee, available through membership.


By borrowing items instead from the library, you can:

  • Save money

  • Meet new people

  • Reduce waste to landfill

  • Reduce the need for storage space at home

  • Have access to items you may not ordinarily be able to afford.

  • Buy less items therefore reducing your consumption and help save the planet.

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